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At Hybrid Physical Therapy, we provide exceptional one-on-one care with innovative manual therapy techniques and exercises to help optimize your performance. We believe in longer treatment sessions, so you can recover faster with fewer visits overall. Our approach has proven successful in treating a range of orthopedic and athletic injuries, particularly among football, tennis, baseball, CrossFit, Olympic lifters, martial artists, rock climbers and student athletes.

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We currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare and Humana, and we do not require a referral for the first 15 business days unless you have Medicare! However, Texas state law mandates obtaining a referral within 15 business days to continue care. If you need help obtaining a referral, our physical therapists can assist you. We have established relationships with top doctors in Austin, TX, who can provide walk-in referrals for our patients. No referral is necessary for self-pay visits.


We are currently accepting new patients for physical therapy!

Please call us at 512-240-2204 to check availability. If you prefer not to use insurance, we offer self-pay visits at very affordable rate. Additionally, you can use your HSA or FSA to pay for our services, regardless of your insurance provider. 

Hybrid Physical Therapy

For patients with insurance providers with which we are not in-network or those who are uninsured, we offer self-pay or out-of-network services. We choose to be out-of-network with certain insurances to ensure we maintain the high standard of care we are known for in Austin, TX. In most cases, it is more affordable for patients to see us out-of-network than to use their in-network insurance benefits at other Austin clinics. It allows you to be seen 1-on-1 without being booked with multiple patients at the same time. Sound familiar?

Payment plans are available for cash-based services! This helps manage your finances easier so that you won't have to stress about your visits. 


If you have any questions or would like assistance in determining the best payment options for you, please call us at 512-240-2204.

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