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Optimize Your Performance


Transformative Care for Your Optimal Health and Well-Being

At Hybrid Physical Therapy, we provide exceptional one-on-one care with innovative manual therapy techniques and exercises to help optimize your performance. We believe in longer treatment sessions, so you can recover faster with fewer visits overall. Our approach has proven successful in treating a range of orthopedic and athletic injuries, particularly among football, tennis, baseball, CrossFit, Olympic lifters, martial artists, rock climbers and student athletes. 

  • Post-Op Rehab

  • Manual Therapy

  • Joint Mobilization

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization/Release

  • Therapeutic Exercise

  • Core Stabilization Guidance

  • Blood Flow Restriction




Philip G

"Vinh is the man! Have had a nagging injury for over a year and came to see him after going to 2 other PT clinics in ATX that didn't satisfy or heal me. After working with him I've progressed from not being able to run to putting in 10k's and completely ridding my chronic pain."

Hannah B

"When I was faced with the option of back surgery for a herniated disc, I was lucky enough to go to Estefanía for physical therapy. She listened intently to my issues, pain, and future goals, and she helped me get back to my full level of physical activity without surgery over the course of about 4 months. She taught me new ways to mentally and physically approach and treat the injury. I’m so grateful for her and her expertise!"

Roger N

"Vinh and Hybrid Physical Therapy are the best! Would give 6 stars if I could.

I'm a former college athlete (now 30+) and tore my Achilles playing soccer. I was referred to Vinh by friend in a similar situation who tore his ACL and had great things to say about Vinh. Vinh did a great job explaining the path to recovery and challenging me - while managing my expectations. I'm now 9 months out from surgery and training for a triathlon which I'm on track to complete less than a year after my injury."

"I'd rather pay cash for a cure than to use my insurance at a place with no remedy" 

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